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Consulting Services

Conducting A Detailed Lean Assessment of Shop Floor Operations

Teaching a Workshop (Including or Not including a plant tour)

Conducting a Video-Aided or Simulation-Aided Learning Seminar

Supporting a kaizen team seeking ideas on how to improve their project

Leading a kaizen team on a 3-5 days kaizen

Mentoring an intern hired by the company

Leading a discussion on pros and cons of a new manufacturing technology

Moderating a deep-dive discussion on a management bestseller book

Arranging a benchmarking visit to a non-competitor company that I know

Teaching a tutorial on a new method (or tool) for Continuous Improvement

Arranging for a software demo by an invited vendor

Participating, mainly as an observer, in strategic planning meetings of the executive team

A Unique Model for Delivering Consulting Services

  1. In the case of a client in Houston, I work for 1-3 days full-time every week at the client’s facility throughout my period of engagement with them. However, in the case of an out-of-state client, assuming that they will hire 1-2 interns to work under my supervision for 3-6 months, I prefer to work for 2-3 days full-time every alternate week at the client’s facility.5
  2. I guide and mentor in-house teams for the different projects.
  3. I give relevant training to in-house teams specific to their projects.
  4. I recruit, train, supervise and mentor IE interns to support my projects and training events at the client’s facility throughout my period of engagement.
  5. If a reputed IE department is located nearby, I engage their students through their co-curricular programs to support my projects and training events at the client’s facility throughout my period of engagement.

Examples of On-site and Off-site Activities


  • Observe and learn!
  • Photograph different occurrences of the Seven Types of Waste and poor manufacturing practices (especially safety and ergonomics) to include in training presentations
  • Conduct training workshops on Lean to educate employees and managers
  • Work with the project teams
  • Mentor and supervise the intern/s to (1) align their work with the projects and (2) teach them subject matter related to the projects
  • Meet with appropriate managers and execs concerning the projects
  • Work with employees and managers to implement their ideas for improvement projects that they decide to do


  • Write the Activity Report after each visit concludes
  • Write a Confidential Memo after each visit about issues/concerns with suggestions for remedial actions
  • Review reports and presentations prepared by the interns
  • Develop reports and presentations with the interns
  • Analyze data relevant to the projects and advise the appropriate project teams
  • Do online research about software tools and other technology on the market
  • Do online research to obtain subject matter pertinent to different projects