“Waste Elimination” is essence to Lean but…

In the case of job shops and other high-mix facilities where 100s and 1000s of different value streams create a complex flow network that must be managed every day, their reality is that to implement and sustain Lean, they must reduce the complexity first and foremost.

Our Approach

From the nation’s only research, education, workforce training and industry outreach program that is specialized for small to medium size high-variety low-volume (HVLV) manufacturers, "JOBSHOP LEAN" is our unique approach to implement Lean in high-mix low-volume manufacturing facilities.

With Waste Elimination serving as a foundation, our Jobshop Lean approach recognizes that a successful HVLV manufacturing strategy also requires a different mindset, new methods and computer-aided tools to reduce the complexity and design a production system that is Flexible, Agile, Reconfigurable and Adaptable to business and operational conditions that the traditional Lean approach never has to deal with. 

Click here and watch the presentation video below to learn why the traditional Toyota Lean is not suitable for job shops.

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Our Services


We provide Consulting Services to assist job shops and other companies operating in a high-mix environment to implement and sustain Lean using strategies and tools that were developed specifically for their complex environments.

Check out our case study below to see how we helped a machine shop to implement Jobshop Lean that significantly reduced the chaos on their shopfloor.


If clients seek training for their employees and managers, we can Develop a Customized Training Program by choosing from the suite of simulations, workshops, video-aided lectures and case studies that we have developed.

For project delivery, if clients desire, we can leverage the well-established LEAP Internship Program to recruit well-qualified and motivated engineering students to support our work.

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Contact us today to receive a demo app.  The Flow Assessment app as shown below will help you to visualize how material (and money) are flowing in your current facility layout.